Botswana Safari Experience

If you are thinking of going an African safari trip soon, you might consider going for a Botswana safari experience.

There are so many places in Africa that you can go to, but Botswana is less overrun with tourists. Since tourism is one of its major sources of revenue, the country has therefore shown interest in developing world class amenities which include hotels and other accommodations as well as recreation facilities that will match the growing influx of visitors.

Seeing wildlife on television does not compare to the real thing, so here are some of the best destinations you can find in the country.

Okavango Delta

This inland delta is the biggest in the world and lies in the north of Botswana. Beautiful and scenic, its waterways move through the Kalahari Desert which resulted in a considerable amount of palm islands and flora. Plants such as papyrus line the banks.

The Okavango is also teeming with exotic birds and fauna. Elephants, buffaloes and giraffes constantly graze near its banks. One could also see hippos lounging about in lagoons. Birds that are both native and migratory can also be seen feeding and flying all throughout the area. It’s a wonder for all to see such beautiful and majestic animals in the wild.

Kalahari Desert

The Kalahari Desert covers 84% of the land area of Botswana. Although it is a desert by name, the Kalahari is not like a desert the same way as we might think of the Sahara. With the exception of the occasional golden colored sand dunes, the Kalahari is mostly covered with vegetation such as bushes, grasslands, trees and scrubs. Water is scarce here hence the name desert.

Moremi Reserve

This reserve was named after Chief Moremi of the BaTawana tribe and is located in the heart of the Okavango Delta This reserve is considered to be one of the most spectacular wildlife reserves in Botswana. The reserve provides shelter for a variety of animals such as elephants and giraffes as well as buffaloes and zebras. The Moremi also provides shelter for predatory animals such as lions, cheetahs and leopards.

Xakanaxa Lagoon

The Xakanaxa Lagoon is right in the center of Moremi. The lagoons main attraction is that it has lots of antelope and with this much prey, predatory animals such as wild dogs and leopards also come in considerable numbers. There are also private and public lodging areas in Xakanaxa so that the tourist can never be too far away from the action as it happens.

Mashatu Game Reserve

This is the biggest privately owned game reserve in Southern Africa and is situated in the eastern part of Botswana at the convergence of the Limpopo and Shashe rivers.

In this area, night drives are available which might allow you to see other nocturnal predators such as leopards, genets, aardwolves and since this is a private game reserve, off-road riding has been allowed which can get you much closer to the animals.

Visitors here can be guaranteed of sighting a large variety of birdlife such as the martial and black eagles, kingfishers, rollers and the hornbill.

Source by May S. Smith

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