Go Green For a Safe Environment

Our world’s population is growing out of proportions and if we don’t stop for a moment and think we are in serious trouble. As the population is growing and the environment getting more polluted we are getting more concerned with the state of the quality of our water and air. Researchers have found that the quality of our groundwater is deteriorating. The air around us is becoming more toxic with more people suffering from asthma and skin diseases.

Doctors have thriving businesses treating us for all kinds of pollution ailments, and we are helping to make our families sick. Stop it now.

The Minnesota Office of Environmental Assistance, discarded certain household chemicals to have the potential to become hazardous waste, lowering our groundwater quality. Certain household cleaners have the same chemicals as very toxic industrial waste. Although individual households may discard a small amount of waste but all the households

together are imposing a big risk.

Did you ever think for one moment of what you are flushing down the drain, is it safe or are you doing your part of polluting our precious earth?

Almost every day you read in the papers about injuries that were caused to someone or animals due to harmful chemicals. Why not change it while there still is time?

My company has cleaning products that are safe, bio-degradable, non-toxic, animal cruelty free (our animals are precious and innocent and can’t fight for themselves) I am a big animal lover and I am fighting for their safety and protection.

There still are some hospitals and nursery homes that think that the stronger the disinfectants are the better the results are, not thinking of the health risks , such as allergies, breathing problems, as well as the disposal costs.

These products are ideal for anyone or business that are concerned about our environment and it is also cheaper than most of the harmful products. Big organizations’ in America have already change to “Green” products, lowering the possibility of claims against them for chemical injuries or illnesses.

Places that could benefit from these products:

1. Nursing homes

2. Hotels and motels

3. Large companies

4. Daycare centers

5. Restaurants

6. Public and private schools

7. Rehabilitation centers and hospitals

8. Fitness centers, and ……..of course your own home

Focus on the health of your clients, students, employees, most of all your loved ones etc.

Source by Sophia E Herselman

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